Sunday, February 1, 2009

Long time... No write

I used to keep a diary. You know, as a teenager.

The same way anyone else does... This is what I did today, this is who I have a crush on, this is the music I'm into lately... I think I stopped when my (now waaaay ex) boyfriend read one and discovered I was, let's be honest - cheating. 

This was in college, and since then, I think I have randomly written what some might call diaries, but my dedication to them has been fair-weather. Seemingly only on an as-needed basis. In order to see my thoughts on paper and get them out - not as a chronicling, as I used to use them for.

This blog has apparently fallen into that cycle.  

So here we are, greeting an early Spring in Charlotte at the very beginning of February. Now, this is when things just start getting interesting in Minnesota. Snow, black ice, car window scrapers; these are but daily mundane second thoughts... much the same as brushing one's teeth, or taking a shower first thing in the morning. They're rote.

And I miss them.

Monday, November 24, 2008

In Honor of Elizabeth Lussier on her 34th Birthday

She's turning 34 tomorrow.

I've know the divine Ms. E since Jimmy Carter was President. We met the year he lost to Reagan. We're officially old.

Since I can't be there this year to pick her up in my ever-music-blaring car, and take her out for a fancy, or low-key, but terribly comfortable dinner. Since I can't order her a fabulous dessert concoction, and tip the waitress to bring it with candles and a song to our table to turn her cheeks flush pink with embarrassment. Since I can't reach out and give her the biggest, most heartfelt hug, that would tell her how important she is, and what an amazing support she has been throughout our decades as confidants. Since I can't be there to tell her how damn proud I am of the woman she is and has become, I will shamefully embrace this technology and blog about it.

Growing up, it wasn't always easy in south Minneapolis. More than a few kids lived within turbulent households and sought some kind of release from their families on the streets of our neighborhoods.  That's how Lis came to darken our doorstep those first few years more than she darkened her own.  It was then, immediately, that she had found a new (or additional) home. 

I remember one of the first social events outside of school with my dear BFF, on her 7th birthday (1st grade = 7 yrs old, right?).  I wore an apple turtleneck and colored her Miss Piggies (from a colossally cool Muppet coloring book - a move that would cause her to doubt my friendship for years to come). Despite my horrible social graces, she continued to call me her friend. We clung to each other in first through third grade in a private Lutheran school off of Franklin. And then, the absolute horror of transferring to a *gasp* public school for fourth grade turned us into the class bullies... There was no turning back after that.

Through "coolness", through "un-coolness", I never lacked a best friend. Through more important things; disasters, moving away, break-ups, losing loves, gaining new circles of friends, and all of the other typical insanity that defines life, she has been there for me. And I've been there for her.

In this new chapter, which is inarguably the MOST exciting, I get to be an aunt to her beautiful girls. And I can not wait for them to meet their wonderful, giving, intuitive, charitable, crazy (you know it), lovely mother.

And, since I can't stay up until 1am to be the first to wish her a Happy Birthday, it'll have to be the thought that counts. Love you so much, my dear, dear friend. Looking forward to the next several decades and the adventures to come!  Happy, Happy Birthday sweetie.

love, me

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The World is Celebrating!!

There is so much to say... so much pride I have for us as Americans. This is the beginning of an amazing time for us. We will be asked to work. We will be challenged to think. And I'm grateful, grateful, grateful to be able to participate in this ground-breaking time. 

Hiedi sent me a great picture I'm posting at the right.

My sentiments exactly...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I'm home on my lunch break from getting out the vote - We're in a battleground state and after last night's rally, the constituency is fired up again!!  I'll make this short, as I have to get back to it, but wanted to upload a picture and hopefully some video from last night (sorry so dark/misty - weather was awful but we were undeterred). Enjoy!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I earned the "Yes - I Voted" sticker today, and had an interesting hour and a half-long chat with a woman who identified herself as evangelical christian (in fact she works for Billy Graham), and was as gentle as she was scared. 

In this go-round, and being as I'm in a swing-state, I have been playing the talk show host.  Ever curious, I'm asking lots of questions of people.  I want to know about their lives, their fears, their hopes and their choices.  So I ask.

And you'd be surprised how willing people are to share, if you're open to listen...

Jill didn't know if she could trust either camp with her concerns about the economy.  She shared that growing up, finances were the only thing her parents fought about, and that she in turn had avoided the topic altogether.

I don't think she's alone.

Mid-way into the conversation, I shared that I had avoided talking about money too until just the past five years or so, but that it was much less scary when I started asking questions.  This segued into being scared in general and I shared that Obama and his team give me hope.  

The line to vote was long. It was 1:20pm and the line stretched down rows of books, through the Steele Creek library. I was happy to see it.    

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


In case you haven't already heard, the challenge has begun in North Carolina. 

I canvassed last Saturday for our man, Obama, with my friend Venita.  As you might expect, we had fun with it, and were anxious to get out and talk to people one on one about the democratic bid for the presidency.  On the road, we ran into several Obama supporters, but about the same number who were undecided still (think we convinced ONE out of all of them).  Unfortunately, McCain's smears are ringing in their heads, and it's hard to fight the emotion of fear.

On Sunday, V and I took in a short, but wonderful set by the legend, James Taylor (10th row center!), who played for free, and was as genuine and down-to-earth as anyone.  His voice amazing, and his message inspiring!

It was a very Obama weekend, as this coming weekend is also shaping up to be!  I'll be taking video and pictoral records of canvassing in the next few weeks and will post all (if I figure out how to upload video).  

Anyone who has good info (easy to read, bullet points) for the Dems, please pass it along, as I will be talking to around 100 people myself this weekend.

Hope you are faring well, and if you're undecided, CALL ME!!! 
Sending love....

Friday, October 17, 2008

LA Woman

LA was fun!  Rae showed up with all sorts of mischief making possibilities, and we went on not a few adventures.  I'll be brief: 

1st -  the Greek place by the airport.... THE BEST GREEK FOOD I'VE EVER HAD... right near LAX
2nd - cruising over to Auntie Em's and sampling one of their AMAZING cupcakes.  ahhhh yeah.
3rd - standing in line to see Chelsea Lately, and ultimately failing to get into the show
4th - perusing the Olvera market (I bought a whip!) 
5th - Fred Segal sidewalk sale. Whaaaat??!?
6th - driving out to a neighborhood called Northlake to discover the temp had dropped about 30 degrees to have forgotten a jacket to have to put on all of the clothing we just bought to be picked up by a bus to be taken to a game show called Opportunity Knocks - I'm not sure when it's airing, but it's on ABC (no pictures allowed... I should've taken some anyway).
7th - last thing before the airport - the PCH drive

Craaazy week.
Love to all.